CPMC Foundation’s Ambassador Services is ready to make your stay at Sutter Health’s CPMC as comfortable as possible. We can assist you in finding a CPMC physician, scheduling a physician appointment or outpatient testing, connecting you to assistance for evaluating elder services or in-home medical  caregivers, plus navigating the many services and programs the Sutter Health’s CPMC has to offer. Additionally, we offer a wide range of services focused on making your stay more convenient and comfortable. From finding childcare providers to ordering dinner, there’s essentially nothing we can’t assist with. Please call on us whenever you have a question-we are here to help!

Can you provide any services not listed here?
We’re here to help make your stay easier, and we pride ourselves on being able to handle anything from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Aside from the many tasks performed every day, we’ve also been known to field more unconventional requests like saving a choking iguana and imploding a pool.

Should I tip my Ambassador Services Coordinator?
No; a simple thank you is enough.

Is there a markup for the services you provide?
You only pay the retail cost for the services you choose, which are often offered at a discounted rate. For example, if you request a dog sitter through your Ambassador Services Coordinator, you would only pay the price of the walk.

How do I pay for the products and services you provide?
We accept all major credit cards. All payments will be made directly to your Coordinator; we’ll take care of paying the service provider.

Why do charges from Errand Solutions show up on my credit card statement?
Errand Solutions is contracted to provide convenience services to Sutter Health’s CPMC’s donors. All charges are for purchases made through the Ambassador Services program.